Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wedding Details

                                                                   Wedding Details.

Weddings are always full of details, flowers and decorations. Most weddings have themes for the season or the couple's personal interests. Here in Wisconsin it's common to have deer hunting incorporated into wedding themes. Weddings have become very diverse bringing out the personalities of each couple.  

 When shooting a wedding, I pay close attention to details. If the item was important to include in their wedding, it should be documented.  That doesn't necessarily mean these images will ever be printed.  But with my wedding business, the couple owns - has full rights to their digital images.

I ask every couple this question.  Would you be excited if someone told you that you can see all of your great or great great grandparents wedding pictures?  See what they wore, Did they have a dance? who was there?  What did they eat?   These images will never be. Some of us are lucky to see a single wedding photo taken in a studio of our ancestors from long ago. But nothing past that.

Today, with digital imagery, we have the ability to not only have wedding pictures for us, our memories, pictures that are taken by our photographer when the bride and or groom are not around. lots of surprises, pictures of guests, details, activities of  all sorts.

Now I want you to think about the future, a 100 or much more, years after we/you/all of us are no longer here.  The gift we will not be here to see, but the gift to those that come after us.
For all the years past our imagination, we can give the gift of who we are, what the bride wore, what was important in 2016.
It is a gift that can't be measured by any means.

We have the ability to give great gifts of documentation.  Professional wedding photography is important. We, the professional wedding photographers know from years of experience what to look for, what possible mistakes to look out for, how to guide the wedding day so it flows, keep your wedding on time. Move fast, look for important people and photograph them   The photo below is from a bride that received this charm as a gift just prior to the ceremony. It's a photo of her mom that passed away.

These things can't be missed! Yet only through experience, professional cameras and high end soft ware, can we make certain this image and all the rest of the wedding photos will live on.


Details are not just things!  Doing table photos after the meal. Who we are now, and who will see these images in the distant future.

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