Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Family Portraits

With the coming of digital cameras, we've become slackers with photos.. Yes slackers, we carry our  phone and take lots of images.   But we've  lost the family portrait, printed and displayed in our homes.  Studies show that family portraits, displayed on the wall in our homes, build self esteem of children. They clearly see themselves as part of a family unit.

No matter if it's a good day or not so good, our family is together as one.

Having your family portrait on your wall sends a message that the children are important.

There is a difference between seeing that photo on the wall, being able to touch it,  and seeing a now and then snap shot on a phone. Family

                       Family Portraits tell who you are at the time, and boy do things change with time.
Not all family photo session go as planned.  But the photos are of us, our family,  and nothing is more important than that. 

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