Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portrait


Bridal Portraits

Years, decades before,  brides often went to a studio before their wedding day and had a tradition elegant bridal portrait taken of themselves.  That tradition has long been gone. Today's weddings are fast paced with limited time. It's the photographers job to keep everyone on time through out the day- keep the day flowing. But we shouldn't forget that the traditional bridal portrait is essential.  The day a this woman has dreamed of, spent endless hours planning for her perfect wedding day. Dressed in the perfect gown, hair and makeup all perfect.  
But and here's a big but, often the location where the bride and her attendants get dressed is far from perfect for a bridal portrait.  
I have learned over the year to just shoot, do the best I can, I worry more about lighting and good focus. Keeping backgrounds a neutral colored  as possible to avoid serious color casting on a white gown. But not all is possible. In the before picture most of the photo was with the neutral background  we moved little chairs and a table to squeeze in an area because this dressing area is also a kindergarten church classroom.  
Creating The Portrait
Starts first with hair and skin, tidy up the hair, using one of my most favorite programs Portrait Professional to smooth skin and enhance lighting on the bride. Keeping the background simple so the eye quickly focuses on just the bride with  no distractions. Simple vignetting on the outer edges helps keep the focus on the subject on her most special day. 

I always make sure every effort is made to give the bride a touch of tradition for her most elegant day.  

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