Thursday, September 29, 2016

Before and After - Fall High School Senior

Wisconsin is generally knows for it's awesome fall colors. This year it's just not there yet and it's almost October. Certainly about two weeks behind. Foliage is dry, sunsets are golden, but the leaves are just not pretty.  
Yesterday's senior photo session.. We had great conditions, nice weather, overcast sky, no battling the sun, going out to the irrigation pond with a 4 wheeler was an additional great senior photo session  plus,, But the fall colors are clearly missing.  So I add them with a couple texture overlays for depth and color, and some additional saturation of colors. Sharpen the image a bit, use PP for facial enhancement and the end result is what I like to be able to give my client.  The feeling of fall, the colors of fall, and a great high school senior as my client.  Thanks Mitch. 

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