Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No New Year Resolution

When thinking about our New Year, so many thoughts come to mind.  If a clients is having a baby or planning their 2013 wedding or maybe graduating from high school this year. It all starts Jan. 1, with the count down to your upcoming life milestone event.
 I am looking forward 2013 with this in mind:  Meeting new people / clients, making new friends, counting down days with my bridal couples to their wedding day, waiting to get that first glance of a new baby for a photo session, and meeting all those high school seniors, learning their future dreams.  Last but certainly not least - 2013 means another year to treasure  my old friends and clients because they have allowed me to be apart of their  life.  Being a photographer has a lot of challenges, and a lot of rewards.  No resolutions here, just want to enjoy connecting with others more and worry less about things I cannot control.